Meditation "Do you experience Divine Acceptance?" 

by Spiritual Director Linda Roddis, M.Div. 

Welcoming Waters Congregation

Fear of rejection can build a wall around your heart.

Shame of the past can lay bricks in your heart. Pain of yesterday can swipe joy from your face.  

​Deep Divine Acceptance can fill your life with love in abundance, hope eternal and everlasting joy.  

Deep Divine Acceptance can send vibes into the universe and draw people to you.  

Deep Acceptance will bring you abundance

and hope eternal.  

Try IT

It changed me. 

It will change You

Set and alarm for 10 minutes

Close your eyes, turn off your phone.

Breathe in and say "Yahweh" Breathe out and say, Accepts me."  "God Loves me"  

Thoughts will come to your mind. 

Say, "God accepts me." Pain will stir in your heart, say, "Yahweh Accepts me."

​Eventually you will feel moved to say, "I accept, I accept, I accept."

"I accept I have a desire, I accept the Divine knows my Desires. I accept that I am deeply accepted"

Try it for a month and watch your life change.  Loneliness will fade.  People will gather.  Animals will seek your attention.